We’re a passionate team of designers, engineers and strategists working together to create joyful experiences.

Our core team works with a network of individuals and partners to bring everything to life, allowing us to be flexible and respond quickly to projects needs.

We're always looking for new Companions to join our adventures, especially if our work and values resonate with you.

Join us

Open to learning.

You know you don’t know everything and like to seek others viewpoints. You’re ready to be open minded, approachable and keep learning.

Make a difference.

You know you make a difference to those around you and that rubs off. You know that bit by bit we all can make change happen, care more for the world and those we share it with.

Be yourself.
We want you to be comfortable being yourself and sharing that with your colleagues. Being keen to see things outside of your own viewpoint is important.

Say it how it is.

No fronts or bluffs are required. You say it how it is. You say “I don’t know but I can find out”. You're open, honest, accountable.

Play as part of the team.

You like being part of a team and you're in it for the long game not the quick win. Everyone plays to the end.

Take the rough with the smooth.

You turn up and turn out ready for whatever might face you. Not everything can be plain sailing, and you're ready to sail the highs and lows.

Have a project you’d like to work on with us? Interested in joining the team? We're always open to chat about anything.

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