Companion is a digital product design studio that partners with you to create new futures.

We aim to enhance the lives of people & the world around us by designing tools, services and products that inspire, entertain and create a better future.

We believe the best digital experiences aren't an afterthought, so we like to be involved from the beginning, planning, diving deep and working out where we can make the most change.

We work with you to deliver business value through design.

Whether you have the seed of an idea or you have been there and done it before, we work with you to create value and fulfil your creative & business potential.

We prefer long-term relationships, so we tend to speak our mind openly as after all, your interests are our interests and we can work as an extension of your team, or take care of it all for you.

Every digital project is different and needs a flexible approach, so we focus on finding the most appropriate solutions for you, rather than trying to have you jump through hoops.

We believe having fun is the best way to create great products.

That’s why we don’t do free pitches, overwork our team or embrace the burnout culture of the creative industry. It’s not fun.

You can read a little more about how our first year in business went to learn more about our ethos and values.

Our projects are driven by creating strong foundations.

We question and challenge everything by dissecting the brief and focusing in on your core values.

Once we’ve sorted the musts from the maybes, we create a clear strategy and vision that underpins the whole project — from the information architecture and user experience of the website to the underlaying brand strategy & visual communication.

We imagine & dream up solutions rather than theories.

We know everyone likes to see things and not read endless decks and emails of strategy work or theoretical situations.

That’s why we spend time imagining solutions.

Whether that’s how to transform existing services, designing new ways of interacting or dreaming about what your business’ future will look like, we spend time showing you it and not just telling you.

We do what we know and connect with others where we don’t.

We don’t know everything about everything, and we never will, so we talk to people that know more than us in certain areas and we listen to them.

Companion can create your product strategy, design your brand, define the user experience, create delightful interfaces and build it all with you, but if there’s something we don’t do, we know the collaborators to call that do.

We’re used to working on a wide range projects, whether that’s doing everything ourselves or working with existing partners of yours, we’re comfortable & pragmatic when it comes to bringing projects to life.

Have a project you’d like to work on with us? Interested in joining the team? We're always open to chat about anything.

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