New Futures

Myles Palmer

Founder & Creative Director

Alexandra Vojtku

Digital Designer

Josh Ellis

Fullstack Developer


New Futures HQ are a charity based in Hackney, East London. It is a new initiative set up by Hackney Quest, a charity that has been supporting young people in the Hackney area for over 30 years by building skills and confidence through a range of different programmes designed to help them reach their potential.

We worked with them on a pro bono basis to launch their new initiative.


NFHQ came to us to help them launch their new employability programme with the aim of communicating to businesses large and small across many industries.

Because NFHQ has designed a programme that isn’t not just based on a traditional model where a business works with a young person, unsupported and as an ‘intern’, and instead works with businesses individually to create bespoke programmes that better support both the young person and the business, it was important the various ways a business could get involved were very clear.

The design of the site needed to be vibrant, engaging and have a professional feel to it so that it encouraged businesses to get involved and have their name on it.


The site needed to be as simple and easy as possible to use for the users, considering the broad audience of businesses and people in the Hackney area and for the NFHQ team to update.

Working with a great identity by Studio Temper that was vibrant and implied lots of strong motion, we wanted the page to be dynamic and reflect the energy of the programme, so we used the movement of graphical elements and photography reacting to scroll to help that.

The site can be updated simply by the NFHQ team in a private Google Sheet as this fits into their existing workflow and the form on the site feeds into a Google Form so the answers are simple to access.

We worked with Daniel Maslan to develop the site in just under two weeks.

“Companion Studio every step of the way have been so personal, helpful, supportive and proactive. They were asked by a friend to help us and they immediately came to meet us and find out more about us and gave in such a warm and generous way.

We are really grateful to the whole team for creating such a user friendly site."

Bella Relph, Employability Manager at Hackney Quest

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