Cellular Goods

Myles Palmer

Founder & Creative Director

Willem Purdy

Senior Digital Designer

Axelle Van de Goor


Josh Ellis

Fullstack Developer

Elena Marinaki


Alexandra Vojtku

Digital Designer


Cellular Goods is the first pure-play cannabinoid company publicly listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange — which is no mean feat.

We were brought on to lead their digital product, which has to date spanned three websites: one aimed at creating buzz around their public listing, one to tease their forthcoming consumer product and then finally their full e-commerce site.

The cannabinoid space is full of misinformation, hippie images and a lack of scientific evidence. Cellular Goods wanted to bring a research backed and science led brand to the fore to cut through this, offering simplicity and products that cut through the noise.

We worked with Sara Hemming Studio to create a brand & site that was clean, professional, sleek and presented Cellular Goods as the authority and leader in cannabinoid products.


There is a complexity and a level of detail that goes into creating Cellular Goods’ products that affords them authority.

With products that are uniquely underpinned by an eco–conscious approach, compelling clinicals, rigorous research and scientific development, the website needed to be beautiful, simple and inarguably sophisticated to stand out in a market that is dominated by small traders of dubious quality.

Ultimately, it needed to educate consumers on the benefits of cannabinoids, putting to rest any dubiousness about the product line by imparting the safe and sustainable nature of their use of cannabinoids.


As a fast moving start-up with changing business needs, the website needed to be resilient to change and able to flex in many ways.

The entire site is designed and built in a modular manner. There are no page templates, but instead just empty pages that can be filled with a variety of different components so the brand can craft dynamic, engaging and informative narratives easily across the site.

Nextjs is used as the core application framework for the platform, with numerous services such as Shopify, Yotpo, Klaviyo, Algolia and many more integrated into our CMS of choice, Sanity.

This is tied together with serverless functions and GraphQL to avoid client side fetches where possible, and ensuring the site is performant and SEO ready.

The result is an accessible and flexible e-commerce platform that works for the brand in their early phases but can also scale very easily as they grow.

We are greatful to all collaborators & freelancers that worked on this project with Companion such as Hakan Sezer and Karl Taylor 🧡.

"Companion have been a totally dependable partner and a great pleasure to work with. They are the rare digital agency combining not just precise execution and an eye for detail but also a strong strategic capability and flexibility when objectives change or deviate."

Alexis Abraham, Founder & Former CEO at Cellular Goods PLC

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