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Slow knitwear label &Daughter have put their own spin on heritage fashion, with the history of an industry informing their approach just as much as their intention to craft small batch garments that become well–loved keepsakes.

A love of knitwear spans three generations of the founding Reid family. Buffy designs whilst her father Columba looks after sales and sources the yarn from mills he has maintained relationships with since his younger years.

His passion stems from his Irish mother, an accomplished knitter who instilled in him a particular penchant for the Donegal tweeds and Aran knits of his birthplace.

With gradually growing product lines and a lack of storytelling present on their previous site, the team wanted a site refresh that told their vivid origins, displayed the beauty of their garments and explained the methodical, sustainable process that goes into producing them.

With a focus on quality yarns and classic stitches, the collections feature vintage inspired pieces that work well in contemporary wardrobes but stand the test of time too.

Our approach

As a small–scale, sustainably sourced brand, we wanted to evoke the warmth of the team, their ethos, and the knits themselves.

It was important to profile the provenance of the product lines as well as the craftsmanship behind them.

We therefore focused on designing journeys through the site that ensured touchpoints with both at every stage. Product pages are spun with background on the production process, and every page sings with the specialist, thoughtful approach unique to &Daughter.

It was important that the typographic execution matched the brands values and history. By using the typeface Tobias, with it’s tall x height and gentle serif features, the eye sweeps over considered statements detailing the brand’s backstory.

Supporting this is Denim, a sans-serif that balances the tone of voice with a more utilitarian character and it’s technical feel echos the precision of the garments whilst upholding the humanist quality of the brand.


All of these elements weave together to create a website that tells the story of &Daughter, bringing their design process and rich heritage to the forefront.

The clean, unfussy appearance doesn't pander to the flourishes of fashion or the pretence of over designed, mass-produced goods.

Pan in on a jumper and you can see the softness of the wool and the care with which it has been spun.

Generations of craftsmanship and a considered relationship between design, manufacture, yarns and nature are woven into timeless knits.

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